Electrical Contractor Licence Number 81651
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About Us

Shellby Power was formed in 2004 with it's primary business focus being power generation.


From a humble beginning in 2004, Shellby Power has grown to become a well respected player in the power generation industry, through working with our customers, to continually develop, and improve our products, and support to our customers.

We at Shellby Power are committed to build a great Company, and supplying the best products, through the tireless pursuit of understanding, our customer needs and requirements.

Our Quality

Shellby Power have a Quality Management Plan, that includes verifying, and reviewing design and engineering outputs, inspection and testing of components and assemblies, conformity to contract requirements, performace testing, documentation, and recording of data

Our Suppliers

With strong supplier partnerships that are based on trust and cooperation, Shellby Power is able to attain the end product and services that we are so proud to provide. Our suppliers’ superb products and manufacturing performance enable us to continually improve our products and give the customer even more value and quality.

Our Environmental Commitment

At Shellby Power we are committed to managing all of our operations in an environmentally sound manner. We believe that doing business successfully does not need to come at a high cost to the environment. Throughout our organization, each department is challenged to advance the philosophy of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by implementing policies and practices that reduce waste and lessen our overall environmental impact.


Shellby Power have a HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental) plan in place to cover all the Companies operations.

Financial Strength

Success in the Power Generation Industry depends on maintaining financial strength. Shellby Power, continues to grow by reinvesting earnings and through our association with our lenders. These financial partners provide the capital for investments in co-workers, working capital, advertising and promotion, and upgrades to our facility and equipment. Our financial partners also provide funding for expansion into new market segments that continue to fuel our growth.

Our Markets

  • Agriculture
  • Aqua
  • Culture
  • Commercial
  • Communications
  • Construction
  • Coal Mining
  • Coal Seam Gas
  • Data Centers
  • Local Government
  • State Government
  • Federal Government

Our Markets

  • Military
  • Mining
  • Poultry Industry
  • Utilities
  • Rental
  • Retail
  • Timber Industry
  • Transportation
  • House
  • Health Care
  • Hospitals