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Dual Fuel Generators

Dual Fuel, can be defined as the simultaneous combustion of two fuels.

30Kva Dual fuel Diesel Gas generator 500x300

In the case of Dual Fuel Technology, natural gas enters the airflow through the combustion air intake, to the compression chamber in conjunction with independently fuel-injected OEM diesel fuel to operate the engine.

After conversion, the engine is able to operate on either 100% diesel fuel, or alternately, on a mixture of diesel fuel and natural gas. At no time is the engine able to operate on natural gas exclusively. During initial startup, the engine operates on 100% diesel fuel. After certain permissive criteria are satisfied the automatic control system commences dual fuel operation

Shellby Power, Duel Fuel System, does not interfere with the engine integrity or normal governor operation. The conversion technology has been designed to allow for in-field retrofit of diesel engines without the need to change or modify the design of the base OEM engine. The conversion hardware is mounted externally and does not require modification of the base engine.