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Generator Silent Enclosures

Enclosures are designed to meet environmental conditions, ease of servicing, and long life performance.


At Shellby Power we can offer various types of generator enclosures, designed to meet the customers requirements.

Utilising the latest CAD Design, laser cutting as well as CNC bending, CNC turret punching and metal fabrication, as well as high quality powder coatings, and hot dipped galvanizing, the Shellby Power Generator enclosures and bases, are using the state of the art manufacturing processes.

  • Basic Rain/Sun covers (Carport type weather protection)
  • Weatherproof Enclosures
  • Sound Attenuated Enclosures (indoor application)
  • Weatherproof, Sound attenuated enclosures
  • Super sound proof, Weatherproof enclosures
  • Galvanised gen set bases (various hieghts)
  • Bundled base diesel fuel tanks (various sizes).

Air handling shall be as follows:
Air will enter the enclosure through a Plenum or Sound Attenuated Louvres/Baffles, as determined by the specific application and shall allow for at least 120% of total airflow demand for proper cooling to generator set package. The cooling air Inlet system shall prevent water intrusion into the enclosure with the generator set operating at full rated load while allowing for a maximum air restriction of less than 0.25. H2O. Radiator Discharge shall be via a vertical discharge plenum or hood. Discharge plenum/hood shall discharge air upward and be provided with a means to positively drain any and all water entering the discharge device. Both Intake and Discharge hoods and plenums shall be provided with removable bird/rodent screening to prevent the entrance of debris, birds, rodents and other vermin.

Acoustical insulation materials shall consist of a UL Classified Thermofiber® insulation material with a heat/fire resistance rating up to 2400º F and provide superior sound attenuation performance. Acoustical insulation material on interior roof and walls is to be mechanically held in place by 0.032. mill finished perforated aluminium with tuned engineered hole diameter for optimum sound attenuation at 1000 Hz. Interior perforated aluminium material shall protect the insulation material as well as allow noise to permeate the absorptive material.

Four-point lifting provisions shall be provided and have sufficient capacity suitable for rigging the entire assembly including installed equipment.

A minimum of two (2) single personnel access doors shall be provided. Doors shall be manufactured of the same material as enclosure. Doors shall be fully gasketed to form a weather tight perimeter seal. Door hinges shall be full length stainless steel piano type and shall be attached with stainless steel hardware. Door handles shall be of a corrosion resistant material and shall provide for a lockable, secure entry point into the enclosure. Doors shall be insulated with no less insulation than is provided in the enclosure walls for sound attenuation. Drip ledges are to be provided above each entry door and shall overhang the door on both sides by a minimum of 3.

Enclosure manufacturer shall provide all necessary hardware to internally or externally mount the exhaust silencer(s) specified herein. Silencer mounting hardware shall maintain the weatherproof integrity of the enclosure system. If the silencer is mounted internally it should discharge upward into the radiator discharge plenum or hood where rain cap shall be provided by the enclosure manufacturer.

As a minimum the enclosure shall provide an average 15db(A) sound reduction as measured at one meter, five feet above grade level under free field conditions.