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Our Products

We only supply products of the highest quality along with professional workmanship, giving you unmatched reliability and less down time at a competitive price.


Shellby power believes in the simple principle of listening to our customers needs and offering quality products which will best suit their requirements in terms of capital outlay, application, hire or purchase and options to reduce operating and servicing costs. Offering ongoing service and support is our highest priority.

Power Generation

For a highly reliable power generation source, Shellby Power use a wide range of well known, diesel gen set drive engines, to suit customers requirements.

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There are compressed air solutions for virtually every application and can be delivered, tailored to your exact needs.

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Dual Fuel Engines

Dual Fuel, can be defined as the simultaneous combustion of two fuels. After conversion, the engine is able to operate on either 100% diesel fuel, or alternately, on a mixture of diesel fuel and natural gas.

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Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic Power Units or HPU's ensure reliable, cost-effective operation and maximum productivity.

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Pumping water, oil or gas, we have the expertise to recommend the correct pump selection for the job.

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Gas Powered Units

Industry leading design, engineering and manufacture of emissions-certified alternative-fuel and conventional power systems.

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New Equipment
  • Alternators

  • Batteries/Battery Chargers

  • Control/Annunciator Systems

  • DC Generators

  • Education

  • Emission Control Equipment

  • Enclosures, Generator Set

  • Engine Starters/Starting Aids

  • Engines, Diesel or Gas

  • Filters, Lube Oil, Fuel or Air

  • Fuel Tanks and Fuel Storage Systems

  • Generator Gas Train Systems

  • Generator Gas Filtration

  • Generator Sets

  •             Diesel Powered

  •             Duel Fuel Powered

  •             Gas Powered

  • Generators/Alternators

  • Governors

  • Instruments and controls, including meters, gauges, relays, contactors, or switches

  • Load Banks

  • Radiator/Heat Exchangers

  • Relays, Protective or Synchronizing

  • Silencers/Exhaust Systems/Noise Abatement

  • Switch gear and Transfer Switches (Automatic or Manual), Bypass Isolation Switches, and/or Switchgear Panels

  • Trailers, Generator Set

  • Transformers

  • Vibration Isolators

  • Voltage Regulators

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