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Solar and Battery Powered Hybrid Systems

Green & Renewable energy such as solar is becoming more and more popular as technologies advance and costs reduce. This environmentally friendly option converts and stores energy freely provided by solar energy from the sun. With the addition of battery storage, these environmentally friendly designed systems provide a number of advantages over conventional gas and diesel generators.

What Are The Advantages Of Hybrid Powered Generators?

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No harmful emissions

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No noise

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No need to store fuel

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Large reduction in fuel costings

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Low maintenance cost

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Hybrid Power Systems

Solar powered generators combined with either diesel generators or gas generators reduce your reliance upon fuels while also reducing emissions. Green energy has been found to not only be a cleaner source of energy, but also more reliable when combined with other available power sources.

Shellby Power’s proven track record for high quality products has made them a reliable source for Hybrid Power Systems. Our extensive experience and knowledge surrounding generators means we can help you find the perfect product and decide if a solar powered generator is the best option for your needs.

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High Service Standards

The Shellby Power team set ourselves apart by setting high service standards.
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On Time & Budget

We strive to deliver on our projects, on time and on budget

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Highly Skilled

We are commited to ensuring our staff are highly skilled and trained
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Cost Effective

We solve your energy needs in the most cost effective manner available
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Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support and assistance with maintenance and troubleshooting
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100% Guarantee

We 100% guarantee all of our work
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Advantages Of Hybrid Power Systems

We will assess your existing systems and work with you to develop a cost effective solar solution to improve your power supply. The additional benefits include:

  • Overall reduction in emissions
  • Reduction in noise
  • Reduction in the use of fuel
  • Comparatively low setup cost
  • Reduction in your overall maintenance costs

Using premium quality products, Shellby Power supplies reliable and safe generators to clients Australia wide. If you’re looking to ensure your power consumption is environmentally friendly and looking to save money on operational costs, contact Shellby Power today and talk to our friendly staff about hybrid BESS systems.

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Advancements in renewable technology are making larger leaps each year. The task of utilising these technologies has been eye opening and a rewarding experience. It’s a privilege that I get to work with an organisation that allows me to explore these technologies.

James Park

Projects Manager, Shellby Power

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