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Specialised Solutions To Suit Your Needs.

All businesses require a reliable source of energy to ensure the efficiency of their day to day operations. Our role is to provide this valuable energy, efficiently and effectively.

As one of Australia’s leading suppliers of Diesel generators, we are committed to delivering solutions on time and on budget. We service clients across a wide range of industries and sectors. As a committed supplier, our clients trust in our diesel generators for a reliable power supply to keep them operating.

From small, portable generators to large-scale and backup generators, we work with our clients to determine their needs and provide high quality solutions that they can rely upon.

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What are the advantages of Diesel Generators?

Diesel generators have a number of factors that make them a great choice. They are both a powerful and reliable source of energy, which can be utilised by any business large or small. Our diesel generators are utilised in many applications , from Prime Power for minesites and resorts to emergency back up power for commercial buildings.

There are many advantages to using Diesel Generators including:

  • Servicing and Parts
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Long lifespan
  • Mobile and Self Contained
  • More rugged and reliable
  • Faster emergency standby availability compared to long
    purge times on gas generators


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High Service Standards

The Shellby Power team set ourselves apart by setting high service standards.
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On Time & Budget

We strive to deliver on our projects, on time and on budget

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Highly Skilled

We are commited to ensuring our staff are highly skilled and trained
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Cost Effective

We solve your energy needs in the most cost effective manner available
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Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support and assistance with maintenance and troubleshooting
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100% Guarantee

We 100% guarantee all of our work
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How Do You Choose The Right Diesel Generator?

Choosing the most suitable diesel generator for your purpose will have a large impact upon performance, reliability and serviceability of the generator. Technical and maintenance issues can arise by selecting the wrong generator for your business.

Our decades of industry experience can be relied upon to deliver the most suitable diesel generator for your needs. Ensure your business is efficiently powered into the future with a call to our team today.

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My team is dedicated to our customers, it is exciting to see our customised engineering designs come to life.

Juan Castro

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Shellby Power

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